The Management of Milcobel strives towards total management of the supply chain. The idea is to secure the entire supply chain from grass to finished product based on various certificates

More than 60 milk collection trucks collect the milk from our dairy farmers on a daily basis ensuring that this is being done legally and economically.

These milk collection trucks are equipped with a mechanically driven sampling device authorized by the metrological service and a data system for the registration of the details of the liters and the suppliers. This identification is done by a GPS recognition for each dairy farm.

The milk collectors have all been trained by the FASFC and possess of a milk collecting license.




The responsibility of the dairy farm

Each delivery of milk is subject to legal quality rules. The official quality conditions are carried out by accredited laboratories of the inter-professional organizations in Lier and Battice.



DQA production certificate

This is a guide for auto control of the milk production, based on five modules:

  • Animal health
  • Animal welfare
  • Milking
  • Sterilization
  • The environment


The responsibility of Milcobel

DQA transport certificate: this is a guide for auto control of the collection and transport of unpasteurized milk based on five modules:

  • Milk collection
  • Transport
  • Receiving milk
  • Sterilization station
  • Checking the sterilization

The DQA transport certificate guarantees good transport practices as well as ensuring food safety and traceability of raw unpasteurized milk. An HACCP guide highlighting the chances of the hazards materializing and their possible effects are analysed in a danger analysis with the associated management material.

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